Swing Evaluation

Swing Evaluation

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Your Swing Evaluation is a 60-minute introductory lesson. Your Coach measures your swing, records it on video and provides a clear explanation of what needs to improve. Armed with this information, your Coach recommends a lesson plan to meet your goals.

GOLFTEC provides you with access to advanced golf training technology including motion measurement and video analysis that is rarely available to the average golfer. 

As part of your initial GOLFTEC Swing Evaluation, we’ll utilize our patented TECSWING training technology that simultaneously provides video and motion measurement of your golf swing.  

Throughout your golf lessons and even in your personal practice sessions, you’ll have access to interactive video of your swing -from the front and down the target line. You can see and control the video through our easy-to-use button box, and even use video drawing tools to create a visual reference for swing plane, body positions and more. This instant video feedback dramatically accelerates the improvement process of your golf swing.

Outside of the Training Center, you can access your lessons and video through our online Player Performance Center.

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